Amira Magic Skin Whitening Cream
D&H International, Inc.ís contract to distribute Amira product lines in Japan under the Management of Delia Takizawa expired on August 13, 2010. Henceforth, any and all authority, delegation and representation given to the said company with business address at 1-13 Matsue, Soka-Shi Saitama-Ken, Japan related to Amira or its product lines are automatically recalled and revoked after the date.

AMIRA PHARMA INC. will not honor any and all representations of Delia Takizawa, D&H International, Inc. and/or their agents relating to Amira and/or Amira product lines after the expiration date.

Information relating to AMIRA PHARMA INC. and/or AMIRA product lines is indicated only in this website at the exclusion of others.
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